Better Business Bureau releases new complaint data centering around Covid-19

The most common type of scam involved masks.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Better Business Bureau of Southwest Missouri says they’ve gotten many complaints centering around Covid-19 recently.  The BBB has been working with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office even more during this time.

According to numbers recorded in March, nationally, the BBB received close to 7,000 (6,904) complaints regarding Covid-19.  The Springfield Better Business Bureau, which handles the Joplin area, got 10 complaints.

41 percent of people claimed they lost money to a Covid-19 scam.  The most common type of scam involved masks.  People were asked for money for masks, then never got anything.  According to the BBB, females were most susceptible to these types of Covid-19 scams.

People have also been frustrated with travel agencies while trying to get refunds on things like airline reservations and other types of tickets.  The BBB reminds companies that they need to take care of their customers, and those customers will remember how they were treated during this time.

The Better Business Bureau of Southwest Missouri also says they’ve gotten several complaints from the Joplin area over alleged price gouging at “brick and mortar” stores.  Those complaints have been forwarded to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.