Miners Hall Museum announces “Who’s Behind the Apron” exhibit

Miners Hall Museum hosts a new exhibit

FRANKLIN, Kan. – Miners Hall Museum is proud to announce the 2022 First Quarterly Exhibit, “Who’s Behind the Apron”.

The exhibit opens on January 3 and continues through March 27, 2022.

This exhibit will include a beautiful variety of aprons from a wide array of professions.

The display will include photos and memories of uses of the apron and businesses where proprietors wore aprons.

Special monthly programs scheduled for this exhibit include:

  • January 16: “Sausage-Making Days” will be presented by Rudy & Charlene Widmar. Sausage making was about more than putting food on the table; it was a time for fellowship, friendship, drinking beer, playing cards, and much more.
  • February 27: “The Magic Behind the Apron” will be presented by Gary Pommier. This exhibit will feature welding and the magic that is created – encompassing the four states of matter, which is part of the magic.
  • March 27: “Grandma’s Apron” will be presented by Nanette Krumsick. Learn about the many uses for aprons in the home and how aprons became a tool for the people wearing them.

The museum is open for viewing Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Admission to the museum and the programs are free.