Bear sighting reported to Seneca, Mo. Police; What should you do?

Authorities provide agencies to whom you can report sightings. See the MDC map.
Archive image of Newton Co bear sighting, July 2019.
Archive image of Newton Co bear sighting, July 2019.

SENECA, Mo. — On Tuesday, April 5, Seneca Police state they received a report of a bear sighting in their city.

Bears come out of their dens in early spring in search for food. An easy source of food are bird feeders, trash receptacles and pet food,” Seneca Fire/Police say in a release of information. 

Don’t harass the animal. You can report the sighting to your local law enforcement and to the county conservation agent. They can be contacted through the following:”

Screenshot MDC bear sightings report

Screenshot MDC bear sightings report. Click to view active map of sightings or make a report.

Chief James Altec tells Joplin News First there were no photos along with the report. However bears are in the area. Images in this article are from a July 2019 sighting in Newton County at a residence.

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