BB’s shot into window at Joplin cat lounge and adoption center

Bbs Shot Into Window At Joplin Cat Lounge And Adoption Center
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JOPLIN, Mo. –  Nine Lives Cat Lounge & Adoption Center says the cats and kittens are okay after someone shot through their window in Joplin.

The local business posted on social media about the incident.

“Our hearts dropped this morning walking into our Lounge. We noticed glass scattered throughout then noticed these holes in the window.

Last night someone apparently thought it was a great idea to shoot BB’s at our cats in the window. One hole is right where prince and princess lay, one hole is right where cats lay in the boxes 😡

We know a cat was in the window hammock at the time this happened.

We are asking, if anyone has any information about who did this to please come forward as this is a horrible thing and could have hurt our kitties bad and possibly of broken the window for our resident cats to have gotten out.

Unfortunately, our cameras were just out of focus/range to get a good view.

Again, if anyone has any information Boots is begging to know why someone wanted to hurt/scare him and his best friends, this is not okay.💔💔

These holes go all the way through. This was not accidental. Please Share to help find out any information.”

Nine Lives Cat Lounge & Adoption Center is located at 2201 East 7th Street in Joplin, Missouri.