BBBS: Feeding a turkey vulture with PSU Nature Reach

15-year-old Jervel hopes to someday be a zoologist, so the local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter teamed up with PSU Nature Reach to give him a taste of the wild.

Here in the 4-state area lives Jervel, a 15-year-old on the waiting list for Big Brothers Big Sisters – a national non-profit that works to facilitate mentoring relationships between adult volunteers and kids who may not have someone to fill that role in their lives.

The organization has local chapters here in the 4-state area — many of which currently with a list of kids like Jervel waiting to be paired. When he’s not playing video games or watching movies with his siblings, 15-year-old Jervel is thinking about animals.

So the Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter near him partnered with Delia Lister, the Educational Outreach Coordinator for Pitt State’s Nature Reach program, to get Jervel a unique opportunity to walk on the wild side.

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