BBB warns of increasing online scams

NEVADA, Mo. – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns online scams are on the rise, impacting several families in our area.

The pandemic has pushed more people to shop online.

The problem is a lot of sites and ads can be misleading.

Recently, a Nevada woman lost $198 buying office chairs that turned out to be fake.

Now she’s fighting to get her money back through her Pay Pal account.

Another woman lost $160 in a scam thinking she had found a great deal on canning lids. The product turned out to be poor in quality and the website she ordered the lids off of no longer exists.

“It’s very sad. We want for people to know that no matter where you live, whether you’re in Joplin, Nevada, El Dorado Springs, surrounding communities, if you’re purchasing online, like so many of us are now during this pandemic…then chances are you’re going to encounter a scam,” said Stephanie Garland, Regional Director for the BBB.

A lot of consumers are buying things through Facebook, thinking that Facebook verifies all its ads.

The Better Business Bureau says that is not the case.

Always use caution when buying online.