Baxter Springs eager to turn program around despite low numbers

After back to back winless seasons, the Lions aim to rewrite their story

BAXTER SPRINGS, Ks. – The Baxter Springs Lions finished their first week of fall practice.

After back to back winless years, new head coach Russell Burr and his team are hopeful to turn the program around.

The Lions face some challenges again this year. They have just one senior on the roster and are battling low numbers and low interest. However, offseason preparations have shown promise, and the Lions are determined to rewrite their story.

“I think our skill people are pretty good,” says head coach Russell Burr. “We don’t have a lot of numbers, but our kids are working pretty hard. We’ve got some athletes, it’s just a matter of can we go the full game because we just don’t have a lot of guys. The first win for us will be huge. We are on a streak right now. We haven’t won in a couple years , so our first win will be a time of celebration.”

The Lions play their first game at Riverton on September 3rd.