Baxter Springs council candidate runs for seat he can’t fill, county clerk admits error

County clerk says fault falls on his office

A Baxter Springs council candidate runs for a seat he can’t fill, and the county clerk says the fault falls on his office.

When William Nott filed to run for the position, he filed in ward three.

But, he lives in ward four, so he can’t serve on the council for ward three.

The county clerks office is responsible for verifying that candidates file properly.

This includes making sure they file in the correct ward.

Cherokee County Clerk Rodney Edmonson says he learned about the error on election day — and nothing could be done at that point.

“In this election, we had 81 positions that needed to be filled. 12 of them filed on the last day. So, you know, things get busy, mistakes happen, but at the end of the day I stand at the front of the line. It falls at my feet. And this is an error that I should have prevented,” says Edmonson. “I’m highly disappointed in myself that this one got through this way. I wish we could change it, but we can’t. We can only go forward, and I’ll do everything I can to rectify the situation.”

Edmonson says nothing can be done until after the winners are verified on the 18th.

At that point, Nott could contest the election.

Nott says he won’t because he doesn’t want to cost the county more money.

In ward three, Nott received fewer votes that Randal DeBeeld.. but says after people heard about the error, they decided not to vote.


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