Baxter Springs church celebrates Father’s Day with food trucks

Church members gathered for Food Trucks for Fathers event amid pandemic

Baxter Springs, Kan. – The coronavirus pandemic did not put a damper on father’s day festivities at Crossroads Christian Church. After this morning’s service, church members were invited to enjoy the Food Trucks for Father’s Day event, which was also open to the community.

“You know, there’s been Easter and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and we just kinda been hanging in there and just waiting for the all clear. We just thought it’s a great opportunity to celebrate family and fathers and especially our good Father,” says lead pastor Jake Stivers.

Stivers is a father of two.  Even though he works every Father’s Day, he still finds it as an opportunity to connect with others.

” It’s an honor to be able to come and talk about Jesus on Father’s Day. So this is what we do, so this is even a little bit more than normal to get to having food trucks while we’re here,” adds Stivers.

Church members say they loved the chance to be together safely during the pandemic.

“I’m kind of a hugger at heart, so I like to be able to do that stuff and we got to, you know, follow social distancing. But the intentions are still there and that’s what’s important,” adds David Adams.

Crossroads Christian Church hopes to hold more food truck events this summer, while the weather is nice.