Baseball coaches hit the field to finish projects during COVID-19 pandemic

Neosho County baseball coaches upgrading facilities while apart from team

CHANUTE, Kan. – In what should be the final stretch of the regular season, Neosho County baseball coaches are still hitting the field to finish up projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Unfortunately we didn’t get to play baseball but that doesn’t mean stand still and do nothing,” says head coach Steve Murry.

Murry along with assistant Josh Merrill are making the best of the situation.  Tackling do-it-yourself projects, starting with their indoor hitting facility.  Putting up a black backdrop that improves visibility.

The scoreboard at Hudson Field is also getting a face lift with new numbers and lettering.

“From 400 feet away it looks fine, but when you get up close you see the chips, the letters starting to curl up.  So with this extra time we decided it would be good to get some of those fine details and make it look really nice,” says Merrill.

Inside the panthers locker room there will be a personal touch with customized back-lit ceiling art.  For the coaches, it’s about the satisfaction to have one of the best junior college facilities in the nation.

“I pride myself when other teams come in here that they think that we have a nice place. So when we roll into another school I hear all my players’ comments on there field on maybe how good it is or how bad it is. So I know I want to make ours a field class facility,” says Murry.

“As a former player and now a coach on the staff — it’s really cool, you know, to have a hand in upgrading these facilities and continuing the legacy for future panthers coming along,” adds Merrill.

Since Neosho County Community College is on a spending freeze, all of these projects are from fundraised dollars.