Barton County Sheriffs Office warn of recent mail theft

Barton County Sheriffs Office warn of recent mail theft

Deputies have taken several complaints of mail being stolen from mail boxes on 160 highway west of the intersections of W and O highway. We would like to ask that if anybody see’s anything suspicious or if somebody stops at your mailbox and you don’t recognize them to call the Sheriff’s Office.

A victim of mail theft faces the loss of more than just everyday correspondence; they could miss important notices, financial information, checks, and perhaps even become a victim of identity theft.

Tips to Prevent Mail Theft
Don’t allow your mail to accumulate. If you are going to be away for more than a couple days, arrange for a trusted neighbor or family member to pick up your mail, or ask your mail carrier to put a delivery hold on your mail until you return and retrieve it from the Post Office.
Get to know your mail carrier’s usual delivery time to your mailbox, and retrieve your mail as soon as possible.
Make sure your mailbox door closes firmly and stays closed. An open mailbox with mail in view is an inviting target.
Do not use your mailbox flag when you have outgoing mail. To a mailbox thief, it’s like a red flag saying, “Here I am, come get me.” Your mail carrier will see your outgoing mail, even if the flag is not up.