Balloon Glow wraps day one of Columbus Day Festival

Hot Air Balloons Filling Up At The Balloon Glow

COLUMBUS, Ks. – Weather permitting, these hot air balloons will be flying high above Columbus, Kansas this weekend as part of the Columbus Day Festival hot air balloon regatta.

But before taking to the skies, they had to put on a show down below, and they did by putting on the festival’s hot air balloon glow.

“They will light up. The lighter ones will show up more so than the darker ones. They just look like dancing light bulbs out on a field,” said event organizer Jean Pritchett.

And these dancing light bulbs were attracting a decent crowd of 4-State families who came to see the hot air balloons fill up while tethered to the ground, illuminated by their flames as the sun set.

The balloon glow is a festival tradition that’s been happening for decades, and one Columbus resident says it’s just as cool now as the first time he attended.

“I saw it from a distance and I had to get closer. And I got as close as I could, and it really just put thrills and chills down your spine,” said Columbus resident Allen, describing the first balloon glow he attended in Columbus.