Bailey motivated to prove himself at class 6 Jeff City High School

After building the most dominant class 2 program in the state, Scott Bailey is looking to do the same at class 6 Jeff City.
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Scott Bailey has been named the head football coach at Jefferson City High School.

“You just don’t get a chance to be the head football coach at Jeff City High School very often,” Bailey says, “So it’s an opportunity that has to be taken. I felt like it was a great fit. The things that we were able to do at Lamar were special. If you talk to our kids, they will tell you. I would like to create something at Jeff City that’s special to those kids.”

Bailey was the Tigers’ head coach for 14 years, leading them to 7 straight state titles from 2011 to 2017.

After building the most dominant Class 2 program in the state, Bailey is driven to prove he can do the same at Class 6 Jeff City.

“Absolutely. Without a doubt,” Bailey says when asked if he feels like he has something to prove, “I’m just not a fan of labeling people. So if you want to label somebody a small-town or small high school coach, or high school coach and not a college coach, I just want you to label me as a successful coach. So yeah, I’m highly motivated to get into a larger school and get started and see what happens.”

Much like when he took over at Lamar, Bailey will begin a rebuild at Jeff City.

While it’s a tradition-rich program the Jays were 2-and-8 last season, losing 7 straight to end the year. They’re 6-14 the last two seasons.

“It creates energy in me,” he says of facing the challenge of a rebuild, “It doesn’t take fancy to win. You win with people. In football I think we get hung up sometimes trying to win with schemes. You win with people.”

Bailey will be wearing new colors next season and coaching new players in a new stadium in a new city.

However, the success that will come will be a product of what he learned between the beginning and end of his time at Lamar High School..

“I had to change the way that I approached motivating these kids,” he says of the biggest lesson he learned at Lamar, “I had to get to know them, I had to let them get to know me and I had to build a relationship built on love to motivate them. You can get results that way, and the best part of it is you can stay long term somewhere that way. It’s not a short commitment that wears off, it’s actually something you can build on for an extended period of time.”

Bailey will have his first meeting with the Jeff City players on Thursday morning.