Authorities search pond, investigation into latest lead in Sarah Burton case continues

Newton County, Joplin PD, and FBI all involved

LATEST: Authorities are back on the scene of 1174 Crane Drive in Newton County today, April 5th. Newton County Sheriff Chris Jennings confirms to KOAM they are searching the pond today. We’ll have more information as soon as it becomes available.

We’ve spoken with Newton County Sheriff Chris Jennings who tells us they haven’t found anything definitive in the pond yet, but are continuing to search. Divers have been on scene since about 10:00 this morning. Jennings says he wants to emphasize the drug search warrant on Tuesday resulted in no arrests and turned up no drugs – additionally, the current people residing at this home are not the original owners and are not considered suspects in this case, and have been very cooperative with law enforcement. We’ll have more from Sheriff Jennings interview tonight.

Click here for last night’s interview with Joplin Police Captain Trevor Duncan.

April 4th: Investigators are continuing to check out the latest lead in the disappearance of Sarah Burton.

“We’ve had more than sixty leads in this investigation.” Captain Trevor Duncan with the Joplin Police Department says of those sixty leads over the last nine months, many, have turned up nothing.

“On one hand we’ve got a lot of people coming forward and brining information, and on the other hand we know there’s always those people out there that know something and they know it’s vital but for whatever reason they don’t bring it forward.”

That all changed this week however, when the department followed a lead to 1174 Crane Drive in Newton County, just outside the city limits.

Duncan says “There’s something to it, what that information is, we’re not willing to release, I know Newton County’s not willing to release, it’s too early in the investigation and it’s too important in the investigation to go into any further detail than that, but we, it wasn’t like the other leads where we show up, check and leave, this one requires a lot more work, and it’s, really just on going.”

Duncan says the department has been in contact with the Burton family weekly since the investigation started. And while they’re trying to remain positive, Duncan says the family knows there may not be a positive outcome.

“I think the family is very realistic in expectations at this point, not only due to the amount of time that’s passed, but the information that is out there, the information that we do have, the developments in the last couple of days, I know the family is obviously very upset, but they are very realistic about the possible outcome.”

There were no officials on scene Thursday, however, Newton County Sheriff Chris Jennings says despite that, the investigation isn’t complete yet.