Authorities release reason behind McDonald County Schools lockdown

The Anderson Police Department received information today at approx. 06:00 that a 17 year old white male who was a suspect in a burglary and stolen weapons (an AR-15 Rifle and Glock 21 Pistol and ammunition) was in the Anderson area and had made suicidal and homicidal remarks. The male made statements to family members that he was staying at the Indian Creek Apartments and if Law Enforcement made contact with him he would open fire. Upon further investigation it was found the male had made suicidal remarks and had intentions to walk his girlfriend to the McDonald County Highschool. A ping of the suspects cell phone showed the phone was located at the Indian Creek Apartment complex. Due to the close proximity of the suspect to the Anderson Elementary School and the possiblility of the suspect walking to the Highschool the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office and School Resource Officers were contacted. The McDonald County SRT (Special Response Team) was activiated and responded. At 09:47 hours the male was placed in custody and his juvenile brother was placed in protective holding. The male is currently being held on charges of Receiving Stolen Property (Firearms), another count of Receiving Stolen Property, and Tampering With a Motor Vehicle. The Anderson Police Department would like the thank the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office and SRT, The McDonald County School District, The Missouri State Highway Patrol, The McDonald County E911 Dispatch Center and the Pineville Marshal’s Office for their response and assistance in this matter.

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