Authorities need assistance identifying missing person

Authorities need assistance identifying missing person
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(7/6): The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and the Joplin Police Department request your assistance.
The skeletal remains that were recovered near Carterville, Mo. on June 3rd 2015 have tentatively been identified by authorities as Jonny Slater. Mr. Slater was reported missing, from his residence located at 514 S. St. Louis St., to the Joplin Police Department on 09-04-2014.

The skeletal remains have been sent to a forensic laboratory in Texas for DNA verification.
Preliminary investigations lead investigators to believe that the cause of death is suspicious in nature. If you have information about the disappearance of Jonny Slater please contact the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office or the Joplin Police Department.

Jonny has a tattoll on his arm that says “the Life” and has a scar on his right hand.

(6/4): A surveyor discovers skeletal remains in Jasper County and now authorities are working to find where they came from.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s office today released a bit new information after skeletal remains were found in a rural area yesterday afternoon.

Teams are still out investigating the location, a location officials are describing, as a wooded, brushy area with rough terrain in North Central Jasper County where a surveyor discovered the remains yesterday afternoon.

It’s an area of approximately five acres where cadaver dogs from the Four State Search and Rescue Team have been out sniffing for clues. The sheriff’s office is treating the investigation as suspicious.

“We are doing whatever we need to do. Digging, looking, searching whatever we need to do we’re looking for. We just, like I said, the main goal is to get this person identified and then that’ll kind of lead us in which direction we need to go,” says Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Captain Derek Walrod.

About half of a skeleton was found in that undisclosed location, remains that investigators say are without a doubt those of a human. The sheriff’s office is working with the Missouri State Highway Patrol Forensic Lab to identify the persons age, gender, and time of death.

Captain Walrod says Jasper County detectives do not have any missing persons cases still open over the last three years.

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Jasper County Sheriff’s PIO Derek Walrod reveals at a press conference just now wrapping up at the Sheriff’s Office that the remains found in North Central Jasper County are without doubt those of a human. He says about fifty percent of a skeleton has been recovered after remains were first spotted by a surveyor in a wooded, brushy area yesterday afternoon.

The Sheriff’s Office is treating the investigation as suspicious because the body was found in a very remote area. Officials are searching an approximately five acre area, but aren’t yet releasing the body’s exact location to protect the nature of the scene as the investigation is still ongoing.

Forensic analysts from the Missouri State Highway Patrol are still trying to piece together whether the body belongs to a male or female, the age of the body, and the time of death.

Walrod says Jasper County detectives do not have any open missing persons cases in the last three years.

From the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office:

A press conference will be held today, Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, located at 231 South Main in Carthage.

The press conference is in regards to the skeletal remains found on Wednesday. We have a reporter at the news conference, and will have more details today on KOAM News @ 12.

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(6/3): Today at approximately 12:30 pm, we received information of skeletal remains in the North Central part of Jasper County.

We are handling this as a death investigation. No further information is available at this time. We will continue to send out updates as they become available.

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