Authorities go door-to-door as residents near Shoal Creek voluntarily evacuate

List of flood prone areas being notified

Redings Mill Fire Protection District tell residents they may want to evacuate as Shoal Creek continues to rise.

They posted the following:

Shoal Creek has risen four feet in the last four hours, it is currently at 15 feet. The crest is projected to be at 16.8 feet around 1PM today. We are going door to door notifying residents that have been impacted in the past that it may be a wise decision to voluntarily evacuate. We are monitoring the situation and will provide further details if needed..

Flood Prone Areas that are being notified

Tipton Ford Area – Shoal Creek RV Park Floods at 20 Feet

River Road Area – Homes flood at 18 Feet

NN Highway – Rivers Bend Campground Floods at 18 Feet

Redings Mill Area – Action Needed at 17 Feet

Coyote Drive and McClelland Area – Campgrounds Flood at 17 Feet

Grand Falls – Roads Impassable at 16 Feet, Homes Flood at 20 Feet