Authorities catch Missouri man impersonating a detective

Authorities Catch Missouri Man Impersonating A Detective
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VERNON COUNTY, Mo. – Authorities arrest a man who answers the phone identifying himself falsely as a detective.

A caller told the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office that a person was calling residents and identifying himself as a detective in order to get the whereabouts of another individual.

A detective with the Sheriff’s Office called the number reported to him. Authorities say the individual that answered the phone identified himself again as a detective.

Actual detectives went to the location of the phone call, which was on the northeast edge of Nevada, Missouri.

They arrested 38-ear-old Dustin Jones of Nevada. The Sheriff’s Office says he told authorities that he didn’t know he was speaking to an actual detective on the phone when he identified himself as a detective.

“Telling people that you are a cop is illegal and just not a smart thing to do but telling the cops that you are a cop is going to get you caught even faster,” states Sheriff Mosher.

The Vernon County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a charge of False Impersonation Law Enforcement Officer against Jones.

The courts released Jones on a $2,500 bond.