Author: Whitney Friedlander, CNN

'Veronica Mars' creator discusses potential Season 5

A long time ago (well, Friday), Hulu released a new season of "Veronica Mars," creator Rob Thomas' genre-bending, pop-culture loving drama centered around Kristen Bell's titular fearless, and reckless, private investigator. The new chapter in the series came with a new version of the theme song (Chrissie Hynde takes over for The Dandy Warhols), some new characters (Patton Oswalt in a particularly meta role) and new heartbreak (this would be a good time to stop reading if you haven't finished

How 'Veronica Mars' helps some sexual assault survivors heal

"Veronica Mars," the noir-style drama that starred Kristen Bell as a teen gumshoe known for her pithy one-liners and fearless investigation techniques, found a fan-base in the underappreciated or outsiders when it aired on UPN and then The CW in the mid-aughts -- and has the potential to do the same now that those first seasons are available on Hulu, along with a new season that debuted Friday.