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Mr. Food: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

For a meal that's super yummy without requiring a lot of kitchen work, turn to our Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas! This recipe is packed with family-pleasing flavors and ingredients that will keep their tummies full. That's why it's our favorite stress-free way to put dinner on the table.

Mr. Food: Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Start your day on a refreshing and delicious note by sipping on a naturally sweetened smoothie! Our Mixed Fruit Smoothie is full of yummy fruits and bright colors that kids of all ages will get excited about.

Mr. Food: Bacon Biscuit Cups

Need a breakfast that's going to save you time in the morning? Look no further than our Bacon Biscuit Cups! This crispy, creamy treat comes together fast and easy in the morning, meaning you get something fun, delicious, and filling in no time! That's a breakfast we're willing to jump out of bed for.

Mr. Food: Crispy Fried Meatloaf

Everyone loves good old-fashioned meat loaf, but here in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen we prefer to jazz it up a bit. How? By keeping the timeless flavor we all love, but giving this Crispy Fried Meatloaf a golden coating we can really sink our teeth into. There are a lot of different ways to do meat loaf all over the world, but we think this one is absolutely marvelous!

Mr. Food: Pesto Spiral Potatoes

Give your favorite baked potato a whole new look with our recipe for Pesto Spiral Potatoes. Getting them to look this fancy is super simple, thanks to one easy trick! And once you've drizzled 'em with pesto sauce, they'll taste just as fancy as they look.

Mr. Food: 10-Minute Chicken Skillet

In salute of National Frozen Food Month, there’s no better time to explore all that the freezer aisle has to offer. Plus with all the sales this month and so many new products, make sure you plan on spending a few extra minutes and we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how inspired you’ll be. We did, and look what we came up with…and yes, it’s ready in 10 minutes.

Mr. Food: 15-Minute Chicken Cacciatore

If you've only got 15 minutes to make dinner, then you're going to love this pressure cooker recipe for 15-Minute Chicken Cacciatore. This is a fast and flavor-packed version of a classic Italian dish. Your family is going to devour it!

Health Watch: Gestational Diabetes Skyrocketing

Once a woman becomes pregnant, there are many risks that she faces during her pregnancy such as reproductive abnormalities, delivering prematurely, chromosomal problems and even miscarriages. However, there are ways moms can protect themselves from fighting one particular complication.