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Mr. Food: Loaded Egg Clouds

Enjoy a healthier-for-you breakfast with our recipe for Loaded Egg Clouds (also known as "cloud eggs"). The "cloud" in the name refers to the fluffy egg whites that surround the yolk. Our recipe also features tasty sausage crumbles, scallions, and pimentos. Serve these egg clouds alongside some toast and fresh fruit and you've got yourself a champion-style breakfast or brunch!

Health Watch: Healthy Foods for Fido

The FDA warns about the dangers of going grain-free and damaging hearts. Too much synthetic foods can add to joint pain. Processed foods pack on the pounds. I’m not talking about you … but our furry four-legged friends.

Public Service Announcement Guidelines | FAQ

The work of our not-for-profit clients is important to the quality of life here in the 4-States! We welcome Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from not-for-profits and other community-minded organizations! These guidelines are intended to answer questions you may have.

Mr. Food: Very Cherry Lasanga

How about lasagna for dinner...and dessert?! With our recipe for Very Cherry Lasagna, you can surprise your family with an unexpected dessert that's sweet, creamy, and full of cherry goodness. We'll be honest, this one is really amazing and super simple!

Mr. Food: Hearty Cheese Biscuits

Add a little extra love to any meal you've got planned with our recipe for Hearty Cheese Biscuits. These homemade cheese biscuits promise to deliver lots of cheddar-y goodness in every bite. Slather on the jelly or eat them as-is; either way, they're tummy-lovin' good.

Mr. Food: Pork Chops with Bacon-Onion Marmalade

Instead of making pork chops the way you always do, we suggest giving these a try! They're weeknight-perfect and the bacon-onion marmalade delivers a whole lot of flavor. So, grab a skillet (we suggest a cast iron one, if you have it!) and get ready to cook up something new and delicious for dinner tonight!

Mr. Food: Double Chocolate Layer Cake

Frosting a cake doesn't have to be hard. This recipe for our Double Chocolate Layer Cake is proof of just that! Not only are we giving you a recipe for a from-scratch chocolate cake, we're sharing a frosting recipe that acts as its perfect companion. With a little help from Howard, you'll be frosting cakes like a pro in no time. Good thing too; everyone will want a taste of this doubly delicious dessert.

Mr. Food: Bourbon Chicken

Bourbon chicken can be found on Chinese takeout menus and mall food courts across the country. But did you know it actually got its name from Bourbon Street in New Orleans? Whether you're serving it Mardi Gras-style or with an Asian twist, this flavorful chicken dish is simply delicious and incredibly easy to make. Give these Bourbon Chicken Bites a try when you're craving something that tastes like perfection!

Mr. Food: Beefed-Up-Split Pea Soup

This "from-scratch" split pea soup is comfort food at its best. Our Beefed-up Split Pea Soup recipe features hearty potatoes, stew meat, lots of veggies, and other tasty ingredients for an all-in-one pot that's sure to become a family favorite.