Author: Site staff

Mr. Food: Mini Almond Dream Bars

Try your hand at making your own homemade candy with our recipe for Mini Almond Dream Bars. Just like the name implies, these 4-ingredient candy bars taste like a dream. You can make these any time, so you have them on-hand whenever you're craving a sweet treat!

Mr. Food: Stovetop Roast

Ready to turn an affordable cut of meat into a melt-in-your-mouth dinner, without a lot of work? That's excatly what you're doing when you make our warm and comforting Stovetop Roast! You see, since the stove does all the work, you get to enjoy all the flavor without any of the hassle.

Mr. Food: Lentil & Vegetable Medley

This vegetable side dish is a must-have, especially during the fall season. Our Lentil & Vegetable Medley features a delicious combo of roasted sweet potatoes, sliced Brussels sprouts, hearty lentils, and more. To make it even more flavorful we toss all of these tasty ingredients with some balsamic vinegar. You'll love this!

Mr. Food: Classic Chicken Fricassee

Our recipe for a one-pot Classic Chicken Fricassee will make you feel good through and through. It's made to taste just like the kind you grew up eating, featuring yummy veggies like celery, onion, carrots, and mushrooms. We love it over curly noodles!