AT&T invests nearly $40 million over four-year perioud to enhance local networks in Joplin area



Investment Expands Access to Nation’s Most Reliable 4G LTE Network, Benefits of Mobile Broadband

JOPLIN, MO., Mar. 6, 2014 — AT&T* has invested nearly $40 million in its best-in-class wireless and wired networks in Joplin between 2010 through 2013, driving a wide range of upgrades to enhance speed, reliability, coverage and performance for residents and business customers.

Advancing its Project Velocity IP (VIP), an investment plan to expand and enhance its wireless and wired IP broadband networks, AT&T in 2013 made more than 30 network upgrades in the Joplin area, including new cell sites, addition of wireless and wired network capacity, and new broadband network connections.

“From agriculture and healthcare to public safety and entrepreneurship, Missourians are using new products, services and technologies to transform their lives and revolutionize their businesses,” said John Sondag, President of AT&T Missouri. “AT&T is investing in our Missouri networks because we know that people and businesses across the state increasingly depend on Internet connections for communication, entertainment and productivity at work, at home and everywhere in between. We’re extraordinarily proud of our Joplin network and are thrilled to be able to help create jobs and economic growth through our investments in Missouri.”

Notable Joplin network enhancements in 2013 included:

The launch of 4G LTE service in Joplin in September, with an expansion of 4G LTE to Carthage in November. A new cell site in northwest Joplin, covering areas along Perkins Street and NW Murphy Boulevard. Expanded data and voice capacity to more than 20 cell sites.

“Advances in communications technology are helping make Missourians faster, more effective and more efficient,” said State Chamber President and CEO Daniel Mehan. “I want to recognize AT&T for its continuing investment in Missouri’s technology infrastructure, which helps strengthen prospects to grow the state’s economy and spur job creation as businesses locate in communities with the infrastructure to support their needs.”

AT&T provides the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network today, covering nearly 280 million Americans with 4G LTE service.**

AT&T operates the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network*** including more than 32,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots at popular restaurants, hotels, bookstores and retailers, and provides access to more than 529,000 hotspots globally through roaming agreements. Most AT&T smartphone customers and U-verse customers get access to our entire national Wi-Fi network at no additional cost, and Wi-Fi usage doesn’t count against customers’ monthly wireless data plans.

For more information about AT&T’s coverage in Missouri or anywhere in the United States, consumers can visit the AT&T Coverage Viewer. For updates on the AT&T wireless network, please visit the AT&T network news page.