At least 4 new businesses are heading to downtown Joplin

Downtown Joplin has gained several new businesses in the past month and even more are coming.
Some of the new inhabitants to downtown Joplin include RSVPaint, Club XO, Firehouse Pottery and First Financial Wealth Management.
“It’s the artsy, happening district of Joplin,” said Charlie Huddleston, Joplin resident.
The Joplin Downtown Alliance expects even more new names to arrive soon.
“That includes Sophie Shoes and the Grind, which is an extension of Joplin Avenue Coffee Company,” said Trisha Patton, Executive Director, Joplin Downtown Alliance. “We’re also expecting Sweet Caroline’s Ice Cream Shop, as well as Fork American Bistro over in the Griffin Building.”
For longtime Joplin residents, Main Street has been transformed from years ago.
“It just seemed like an old, rundown area of town, but now it seems like a place I’d like to stop and visit,” said Dan McCain, Owner of Wood & Wire Guitars on Main Street.
McCain hopes the changes to downtown will have a positive impact on his store.
“Anybody that draws people to downtown, no matter what the business is, it’s always going to help the other businesses,” he said.
The Downtown Alliance says 2 and a half years ago, vacancy rates between 1st and 7th Streets were at 45%, but now that number has dropped to just 25%.
“We’re just going to continue to grow, not only with businesses, but infrastructure, cool public art, consistent expansion of community events,” Patton said.
Many business owners say it is the atmosphere that draws them to the area.
“This is one thing that we really enjoy about the downtown area,” said Jacqueline Hackett, Owner of Hackett Hot Wings. “For us, all we have to do is be here, have our doors open, and be staffed. Staffed and food fully stocked.”
Besides new business, the 8 murals that were added in the past year demonstrate how the area is also attracting more art.
“I see people everyday just walking around taking pictures or drawing,” McCain said. “I’ve even seen one guy sitting out with an easel and painting.”
“It’s just another layer of intrigue, excitement, beauty, that makes people just want to hang out,” Patton said.
The Downtown Alliance expects all 4 new businesses to move in over the next month.