As students return from spring break, experts urge vacationers to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms

JOPLIN, Mo. – Many students are either on spring break, beginning a vacation or experiencing an extended one due to the coronavirus, but not everyone is taking social distancing seriously.

Thousands of partying students who flocked to Florida for spring break are having their celebrations interrupted as some bars, restaurants and beaches close.

Experts say that for returning spring break students, it’s important to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for at least 14 days.

Symptoms include a fever, shortness of breath and a cough.

If you’re experiencing those symptoms, you should call your doctor, inform him or her of your travel, and follow procedure.

Doing so could save someone who has a weaker immune system.

“That includes your elderly, and your pediatric, your children you may be in contact with, so by protecting yourself you’re also protecting that portion of the community as well,” explained Jessica Liberty, Infection Prevention Mgr. for Freeman Hospital in Joplin.

“All of these social distancing measures that are being put in place now, all those things matter,” emphasized Ryan Talken with the Joplin Health Dept.

The CDC recommends that no one engages in any type of non-essential travel.