Art Packs for Moore, OK

Art Feeds raises money to hand out gifts to the kids affected by the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

The non-profit is asking for donations to buy kids these art packs, including everything from paper, the paint, to even super hero capes. Each pack costs about $10 dollars a piece, so far they’re raised enough to buy and hand out 900, but the goal is to raise enough to distribute 1,300.

Art Feeds founder Meg Bourne Hulsey says she wants to help out in Oklahoma any way she can.

“We learned so much after the disaster here on how to reach the kids how to help them heal, out of a hundred percent of students who have under gone trauma seventy percent can obtain mental and emotional wellness if they’re expressing themselves consistently and we’ve offered that to kids here we’ve seen them grow we’re still helping kids and so we just want to offer that to those children in Moore” says Meg Bourne Hulsey.

The group plans on distributing the rest of the packs during the kids summer school.

To Donate: