Art Feeds finishing up mural at Joplin elementary school

Some youngsters at Cecil Floyd Elementary School in Joplin have their artwork displayed on a school mural.

The group of kids drew pictures for the mural and Art Feeds painted those works of art on the wall on Friday.

The mural runs the length of about two hallways and 145 volunteers helped out this week with the drawings and painting.

Twenty-two colors were used to paint the mural which features all different types of fish, animals and portrays school spirit.

“Whenever we were drawing them up there the kids were walking through the hallways and they were able to walk by and we would here them say ‘that’s my shark!’ and they were really excited to see it just drawn, and so we are so excited for Monday when the kids come and actually see it painted and fully finished – I think it’ll be a great day,” says Brooke LeMasters, Creative Education for Art Feeds.

The students and volunteers have been working on the project for a couple weeks and planned to finish up Friday.