Arnett named 3A Player of the Year; prepares to begin college career at Pitt State

Heather Arnett is the "Sports in Kansas" 3A Player of the Year.

FRONTENAC, Kan. – Frontenac outgoing senior shortstop Heather Arnett has been named the “Sports in Kansas” 3A Player of the Year.

“I was at a softball tournament between games and I saw on Twitter that I was tagged in something. I read it and I saw that Cassie (Rhuems) was the All-Classes Coach of the Year, and then I saw my name for player of the year and I was just so excited,” Arnett says, “My mom and I couldn’t believe it. I called my dad, called my grandparents, called my aunts and called my whole family and told them how excited we were. It means so much to me. There are so many players, even just on our team that could deserve this and other teams that we played…it’s an honor and it’s so exciting.”

Arnett had a monster senior season for the Raiders.

She finished with a .667 batting average, hitting 10 doubles and 3 home runs – leading Frontenac to the 3A state championship. It’s Arnett’s second high school state championship, after the Raiders also won the title her freshman year.

“It was the perfect ending. I started with a state title and I got to end it that way with my team,” Arnett says of finishing her career with a state championship, “It was an amazing feeling, and I’m just so glad that everybody got to experience that win.”

Arnett also racked up 70 stolen bases in her senior year for the Raiders. She finishes her high school career with 161 stolen bases – which is a Kansas high school state record.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t even know I was close to breaking it or that I even had that many,” Arnett says, “I just get on base and run the best I can. I didn’t know I was that close…but it’s amazing to think I hold that title.”

With her high school career behind her, Arnett now turns her attention to the college game.

Arnett is headed just up the road from Frontenac to play for the Pittsburg State Gorillas.

“I’m so excited. It’s awesome to get to play at the next level,” Arnett says of joining the Pitt State program this fall, “I know there are a lot of good players on that team and I’m excited to play with them and play for the Fullers. They’re great coaches and they’ve done a lot of great things for the program. I’m excited to be a part of it.”