Arne found; Family confirms

Arne found; Family confirms

Update: A family member has confirmed Michael Arne has been found, and is at Freeman Hospital.
Authorities say Arne was spotted yesterday when he was given a ride from Ottawa County to a convenience store in Tiff City, MO. Arne reportedly told several people he was trying to get to Asbury, MO. He was Apparently last seen walking from Tiff City toward Anderson.
A man’s disappearance in Northeast Oklahoma is shrouded in a family feud.

He’s a millionaire. And family members fear other relatives are behind his disappearance.

The Ottawa County Sheriffs office is investigating the disappearance of Michael Theodore Arne who was last seen Thursday night around 10 pm.
Arne went missing from his niece’s Ottawa County home some time between late Thursday night and early Friday morning

“I came out first thing in the morning to give him his hot chocolate and he wasn’t there,” Arne’s nephew-in-law Randall Tate said. “It was like somebody came in the middle of the night at just snatched him away.”

In 2014, Michael was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. He’s been living in a shed behind the Tate’s home the last 10 months.

“[He] just disappeared,” Teresa Tate said. “We’ve been with him for 10 months. If [Michael] ain’t with [Randall], he’s with me.”

But Michael’s family have been in a constant fight over Michael’s money and power of attorney since he inherited nearly $2 million from his father.

Bitterness over lawsuits and years of legal haggling have some in the family believing Michael is being hidden by family members to access his money.

“When the sheriff showed up the other day and said he was missing, I didn’t know what was going on,” Michael’s half-sister Diana Watkins said. “But they thought I was hiding him and he wasn’t here.”

Teresea TaTeresa went as far to accuse her mother, aunt, and cousin of wrong doing.

“Because they’re the ones that benefit,” Teresa said.

Actually, the entire family seems to suspect at least one family member on some level.

“But i don’t want to point fingers at no one because that’s not my job,” Watkins said.

And the Tates believe whether Michael was taken or simply wandered off, that internal family struggles are getting in the way of bringing him back home.

“He is all that matters. I don’t care about money,” Watkins said. “It don’t mean that much. Mike’s the number one concern.”

Arne’s name and pictures have been entered into NCIC, the National Crime Information Center database. If you have information contact the Ottawa County Sheriff.