Area schools use Covid-19 dashboards to track cases

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. –Area schools are already heading back to the classroom.

But as the virus still lingers, so does the need to track numbers and ensure safety among students and staff.

So as school districts across the four states head into the school year, some, like carl junction schools, are continuing Covid-19 precautions from last year, such as Covid-19 dashboards.

“Daily we receive updates from the Jasper County health department, and also periodically from the Joplin Health Department,” said David Pyle, Assistant Superintendent for Carl Junction Schools.

From there, these numbers are shared with the district’s assistant superintendent, and their school nurses, where they compile the data, and post it on their website every Wednesday.

“We post it into our district homepage, we’ve got a spot under district information  specifically devoted to our Covid policies and procedures and information,” Pyle said.

Other area schools, like Pittsburg schools are using similar dashboards, and updating them weekly as well.

Although Joplin  schools does not have a dashboard on their website, they do send out periodic covid-19 updates with numbers of those in isolation and quarantine.

Carl Junction schools, says the data will be used to decide what measures need to be taken in their buildings.

“We think it’s important to monitor that data on an ongoing basis so that we can make decisions about operations and what we may need to amend as far as our safety procedures, over time,” said Pyle.

Right now, the school district is seeing low case numbers, with no staff members in isolation or quarantine, four students in isolation and ten in quarantine.

But, should cases spike, they have plans in place.

“If we had a situation where we saw that we were having a significant increase in numbers then we would take that into consideration and use those numbers to make decisions,” Pyle said.