Area nursing homes on high alert, restricted access continues at Parsons Presbyterian Manor

Senior living facility shares precautions keeping residents safe

PARSONS, Kan. – 92-year-old Jean Quilty is a resident at Presbyterian Manor in Parsons. She loves being with her family, especially her daughter, Theresa Parker, even if it’s at a distance.

“I see her through the window and we talk on the phone. She has her phone, and I have mine with me, and we talk so that’s nice. I get to see her everyday,” explained Quilty.

“I’m anxious to be able to touch her, to hug her, you know, but also to be able to take her to my home and also even take her to visit my brothers,” said Parker.

For now, this is as good as it gets for Quilty and others. This facility, like most, is on restricted access, and has been since March.

Quilty and Parker

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Theresa Parker (left) can only visit her mother, Jean Quilty (right), over the phone as they view each other between a sealed window.

“What that means is no visitors, no volunteers. It’s really just essential staff that are in the building and there are some precautions that go along with that. All employees are screened upon entry to work. All of our residents are screened 3 times a day for signs and symptoms,” explained Maegen Pegues, Exec. Dir. of Parsons Presbyterian Manor.

Even as things begin to reopen outside the walls of Presbyterian Manor, officials say these precautions will continue to stretch on.

“Specifically in Kansas, in the last two weeks, they have announced a phased reopening plan that we have to work on with our local health department for reopening guidance and it’ll be phased just like everything else has been,” said Pegues.

That plan is still in the works. For now, the hardest part is waiting, not knowing what the future holds.

“If somebody would’ve told me three months ago that we’d still be in this restricted environment, I would’ve said no way, but the reality is we’re here and I think it’s here to stay for a little while,” Pegues stated.

Just how long, no one knows. In the meantime, though, staff are stepping up, making sure no one feels alone.

“I really feel very comfortable and that’s important,” said Quilty.

Parsons Presbyterian Manor says all employees try to avoid outside travel to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Any workers that do travel report that information and are quarantined accordingly.

So far, no cases have been reported at Parsons Presbyterian Manor.