Area fans and players see the first baseball tournament held in Joplin since the pandemic

Local sports fans finally get a chance to catch some live baseball as the Mid-America baseball tournament takes place over the holiday weekend.

The southwest Missouri tournament finished up Monday afternoon with Joplin and Seneca wrapping things up at Joe Becker Stadium.

Seneca battles down one with Drew Sampson yanking one through the left side as part of a 3-run inning for Seneca.  They go up 4-2.

Joplin wasn’t going away though as Kirk Chandler hits a hard liner to left.  Fielding Cambell scores on the play, tying the game at 4.

Seneca then takes the lead with a long line driver by Cooper into left field, making the game 6-4.

Seneca would go on to win 8-5.  Joplin would go 1-1 on the weekend.

After being sidelined for so long, the players say it was nice to get out there, especially for those seniors who missed out on their final high school season.

Maturino: As a senior, you didn’t know if you were going to get to play again. Coming back on the field again and being with your brothers again, it was nice to get back out there.”

Chandler: “It was really nice to get out here and play with all my friends. I miss my coaches, everybody. So it was just a fun time.”
Joplin head coach Kyle Wolf says the team plans to take the field again next weekend in another local tournament.