Area businessman and philanthropist, Gary Hall, passes away

JOPLIN, Mo. – Area businessman and philanthropist Gary Hall has passed away. He died on Monday after a short battle with pneumonia at a Las Vegas hospital. We spoke with one of his grandson about some of his memories of his grandfather.

Gary Hall was born March 4th, 1942 in Joplin. He was raised in Galena, and spent his life giving back to the communities that took care of him. His daughter, Debbie Hall, says his legacy lives on, in her son, Evan Slaughter. “They all say I’m kinda like a carbon copy of him, someway, a little bit ornery, a little bit crazy, got that business aspect, wanting to take, carry on his legacy I guess in a sort, from working super hard, just always trying to make him proud.”

Evan says Gary’s love went beyond the community. “He loved my child Zayden, that was probably like his just, just pride and joy you know, he adored us kids, us grandkids a lot, not so, he did, but when I was around I was always fidgeting, he’d always tell me quit touching his stuff.”

Evan says that includes his other great-granddaughter, Rowan. Then of course, there’s Gary’s legacy to his family. “He started from nothing which was just amazing to me, you know, to know that he came from necessarily rags to riches, he just started at the bottom and worked his way up, he got no handouts.”

And, the visible legacy to the community, through his philanthropy. “He loved it, he loved doing anything for anybody, and, obviously you see that, the humane society, it’s just his name is up there, he loved his ugly cats, which they were the ugliest cats but he loved them.”

Evan says he’s grateful for the time he got with his grandfather. “From mowing to cars to baseball to all of us sports, watching us grow up, making our life so much better, he did so many great things for us as kids growing up, and for that I’ll just always be thankful.”

And he’s grateful to Gary’s wife, Donna, for taking such good care of him over the years.

Evan adds he can’t forget Gary’s love of bowling which his high score was 283.