Another mental evaluation ordered in 1999 Welch girls murder case

Another mental evaluation ordered in 1999 Welch girls murder case
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Ronnie Busick was arrested in 2018 and charged with kidnapping and murdering two Welch, Oklahoma girls

The defense attorney for Ronnie Busick requests another mental observation and evaluation. The judge approved the request.

According to Lorene Bible, the mother of Lauria, one of the victims, “The judge did remind the attorneys that this is the 8th time we’ve been pushed back and enough is enough!”

In June 2019, the courts approved three separate competency evaluations that could take months to complete.

Busick is one of three accused of kidnapping and murdering Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible. The Welch, Oklahoma girls have been missing for two decades.

In 1999, Lauria was spending the night at Ashley’s home. Ashley’s parents, Danny and Kathy, were found dead in their mobile home after it had been set on fire. Since then, there were no signs of the girls.

It had become a cold case.

In April 2018, the Craig County District Attorney identified three suspects. Two of the suspects, Philip Welch and David Pennington, have died since the crime.

Ronnie Busick was arrested and charged with four counts of first degree murder, two counts of kidnapping and one county of first degree arson.

Busick is scheduled to be back in court on September 27th, 2019.

“As far as searches go, there’s so much in the works but nothing we can share at this time. When we have news we can give on that we will. Just know that our team is doing a magnificent job and we are pleased with the direction after all these years,” posted Lorene Bible on the Find Lauria Bible-BBI Facebook page.


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