Annual Winter Flute Gathering concludes with Flute Circle

annual winter flute gathering

People from across the country came to the four states today, January 12th, for the Annual Winter Flute Gathering.

Members of the Joplin Native American Flute Circle brought together vendors, musicians and listeners to experience world flutes.

“Today we are having our Four States Winter Native American Flute Festival it generally is held in December this year we had to move it to January and of course the weather did not cooperate for our events yesterday.” said Gordon Keylen.

The event was originally a two day event, but the weather on Saturday, January 11th stopped it from happening.

“We do have Native American Flute players from as far away as California St. Louis and of course the immediate Four States area. I personally do it because of all the history behind it, it has like this huge long history from the Native American Ancestors cause I’m Native American so that’s basically why I do it.” said Flute player, Gaby Nagl.

The festival focuses on the Native American flute, but welcomes all world flutes.

“There’s like so many different styles and ways to play and you just playing by yourself is one thing but playing with a whole group of people is just like on a whole different realm, and people like wanna play with you too and you can find harmonizing keys and everything like that.” added Nagl.

“It’s a very healing instrument there’s something about indigenous instruments that touche us at a very deep level” added Keylen.