Annual Lavender Patch Festival held in Fort Scott

Lavender Patch

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – Dozens of folks took time today to get outside and enjoy the lavender fields.

The ‘Lavender Patch’ held its annual Lavender Festival east of Fort Scott. Betsy and Davin Reichard started the small lavender farm in 2010 and this is the fourth year they’ve invited the community to a summer festival. It celebrates the beginning of the lavender harvest. Folks took part in several activities, including a hands-on children’s fairy garden, while enjoying the beauty of nature and the sound of music.

Betsy Reichard says “We have you picks where you can pick some lavender, walk through the fields, take as many pictures as you want, we have someone braiding hair with lavender, just a whole bunch of activities, we’re even selling lavender plants.”

You can catch the ‘Lavender Patch Farm’ booth at various festivals in Kansas.