Animal Safety: Heat

With the sweltering heat of summer in full swing, we wanted to get some tips on how to keep your pets cool during this oppressive weather. Jesse Irwin sat down with Dr. Kurtis Gregory of the Columbus Veterinary Clinic to learn about how to spot heat exhaustion in your pets and how to fight it.

Dr. Gregory says that you should always make sure your pet has adequate water. This will help keep them hydrated and cool for when they spend time outside. He also stresses being aware of how much time your pet has spent outside, how much energy they’ve exerted in the heat, and if they’re use to the heat.

You should also watch to see if your pet is more tired or breathing heavier than normal. These are signs of heat exhaustion. If your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion, you should put them in the shade or in front of the A/C or a fan before giving them water. Once they’re cooled down, they’re then free to rehydrate.