Animal Safety: Fireworks

Dr. Kurtis Gregory of the Columbus Veterinary Clinic joined Jesse Irwin to talk about how to keep your pets safe and calm during the bombastic lead up to the Fourth of July.

Dr. Gregory says it’s important to know ahead of time if your pet is afraid of the loud noises or the vibrant flashes caused by fireworks. This will help you better prepare you and your pet for the Fourth.

If your pet is afraid of fireworks, you can lock them in an area of the house that is typically quieter to help keep them calm. Make the area a comfort zone for them. You can also use a thunder jacket. This emulates the feel of a hug for your pet. It can calm down some animals and make them feel comforted.

If that doesn’t help your pet, you can sedate them with proper doctor supervision. A doctor will be able to make sure your pet is healthy enough to sedate, as well as administer the sedative safely and properly.