Anderson police search for suspects responsible for vandalized vehicles

Damage costs could add up to a felony
Anderson police search for suspects responsible for vandalized vehicles
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UPDATE: Anderson Police Chief Seth Daniels confirms two adults are in custody awaiting formal charges for the vandalization of vehicles throughout the town.

Shannon Brewer tries to keep an eye on things, especially for his neighbors across the street.

“They have two little kids and they’re very sweet…their son actually likes to bring up my trash can every week whenever I don’t get down there in time,” said Brewer.

In this normally quiet neighborhood, Brewer was shocked to find his neighbor’s vehicle vandalized in the night. He immediately started playing back video from his home’s surveillance cameras.

“Here you can see their rearview mirror…and they just knocked it out,” pointed out Brewer as he pulled up the footage.

Police say the mirror smashing is happening across Anderson and for people without a garage to park their car in, their vehicles, unfortunately, make an easy target.

“It appears that in the video that there is a passenger in the truck with some sort of either a bat or something that’s reaching out just driving by random vehicles doing damage. Looks like a white Chevy, early 90’s, early 2000’s model, regular cab, long bed,” stated Anderson Police Chief Seth Daniels.

In Missouri, if the damage amounts to more than $750, the vandals responsible can be charged with a felony.

“When people just drive around purposely doing damage to other people’s property, it’s very aggravating. We here at the police department take it very serious. We realize that people work hard for what they’ve got, and so we want to find out who’s doing it and get charges,” said Daniels.

Brewer hopes that the people responsible for the string of hit cars come forward. It would bring him and his neighbors peace of mind. In the meantime, his cameras are watching.

“My cameras have saved me numerous times and I highly recommend them.”

If you have any information on who might be responsible for the vandalism, contact the Anderson Police Department at 417-845-3723.

You can also follow Brewer’s posts on other damaged or stolen items here.


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