Anderson Police investigate death after dog attack

Cause of death under investigation
George Alan Martin

ANDERSON, Mo. – The Anderson Police Chief says a man was attacked by a dog shortly before he died, but it may not be the cause of death.

On Friday, June 25, 2021, a person called police after finding a body in a ditch in Anderson, Missouri. According to Police Chief David Abbott, they found a deceased male about 2o feet inside city limits in front of 100 Lindsey Lane.

Officers identified him as 41-year-old George Alan Martin. Law enforcement sent the body to the McDonald County coroner. Chief Abbott says they found several bite marks on his body. They also found pieces of clothing outside city limits, leading them to believe he ran towards the city after being attacked.

McDonald County Coroner William B.J. Goodwin says the bites were deep, but were not fatal.  Goodman says by the size of bite marks, it was a big dog. They are still investigating the exact cause of death. A toxicology report has been taken but can take up to nine weeks before results are back.

The Sheriff’s Office and Police department interviewed residents with any loose dogs and advised many to leash or lockup their dogs. Chief Abbott says there is no conclusive evidence of what dog could have done this.

KOAM is speaking to family members this afternoon. You can read his obituary here.