Anderson Police Department detail officer incident at public beach

Anderson Officer Incident
Chase Leads to Drug Charges in SEK
Chase Leads to Drug Charges in SEK

ANDERSON, Mo. – The Anderson Police Department were called to a public beach on July 28th over reports of illegal drug use.

An officer located a male and female and ran their names in the McDonald County Dispatch. After running the names, they found the male suspect had warrants.

During the arrest, the officer used his taser multiple times before the suspect took it and used it on the officer.

The officer was able to take the taser back and move it away from the suspect.

At that time other officers arrived on scene to help arrest both the male and female

The man faces charges of 1st Degree Assault on LEO, Armed Criminal Action, Resisting Felony Arrest, and Attempting to Escape Confinement.

The woman faces charges of 2nd Degree Assault on LEO, and Interfering with Felony Arrest.