Anderson couple receive new treatment for COVID-19

The New Covid Treatment Bamlanivimab

JOPLIN, Mo. – Jeff and Alicia Brady are an Anderson, Missouri couple who are feeling a lot better after being treated by Joplin’s Freeman Hospital for COVID-19.

“The turnaround was pretty quick. The next day, we were both feeling better and we’ve been feeling better everyday since,” said Jeff.

The Brady’s are crediting their rapid recovery to Freeman’s staff and and a new treatment recently granted emergency use authorization by the FDA called bamlanivimab monoclonal antibody treatment.  According to the FDA, the treatment is for COVID-positive patients at risk of progressing to severe symptoms and hospitalization.

“I feel better every day. It seemed like it worked pretty fast. I was having a lot of headaches, stomach cramping, and backaches, and those have pretty much gone away,” said Alicia.

President Trump received a similar antibody treatment when was infected with the Coronavirus, but with the procedure still being studied, it’s not quite as well known as other treatments.

But the Bradys believe bamlanivimab is the real deal so they’re getting the word out.

“We weren’t even aware of the option. I think there are many people out there that aren’t aware that it’s a treatment option,” said Jeff.

“We thought if we could save somebody’s life by posting about it, we wanted them to know about it,” said Alicia.