An agreement signed today will better protect Quapaw artifacts in Arkansas

Historic Quapaw Tribe artifacts in Arkansas now have more protection.

Terms of an agreement signed today between the Quapaw Tribe and the Arkansas National Guard state that the tribe will immediately be notified whenever a Quapaw artifact is discovered.

The Quapaw Tribe lived in Arkansas for hundreds of years before moving to northeast Oklahoma.

Other historical sites that need protection in the area include villages, hunting and farming grounds and ancestor burial sites.

Quapaw Chairman John L. Berrey says protecting these artifacts is important to preserving the tribe’s history.

“It’s who we are,” Berrey said. “The things that make us who we are as Quapaw people are our artifacts, our culture, our prayers, our dance, what we do as a group and this is just part of it. It reflects our history over time.”

Some Quapaw artifacts that have already been discovered in the area are currently on display at the Downstream Casino Resort.