Amid COVID-19 concerns, children discouraged from touching playground equipment in parks

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Due to COVID-19, many city parks are telling families to stay away from playgrounds.

While many parks remain open for the public to enjoy, Pittsburg park officials are discouraging anyone from touching or playing on any playground equipment.

The National Institute of Health released a new study that shows that the coronavirus is detectable on plastic surfaces for up to two to three days. That also goes for stainless steel.

Pittsburg has 11 playgrounds and a limited crew to sanitize them all. Playground Sign

“It’s just like anything else that’s a public space. We could go out and sanitize it and then a few minutes later, there could be someone on it contaminating it, so it’s just best to limit use,” explained Kim Vogel, Director of the Pittsburg Parks & Rec. Dept.

Even though you can’t play on the swings or slides, you can still find ways to have fun outdoors.

“Definitely use the parks trail system, use the disc golf course, use the golf course, but just keep within your social circle and stay away from others,” said Vogel.

Other cities like Columbus, Kansas are also telling people to avoid park playgrounds.

The coronavirus can live for up to 24 hours on cardboard, four hours on copper and three hours in the air.