American Heart Association holds annual ‘Heart Walk’

The Joplin community came together to raise awareness for Cardiovascular disease and Stroke.

The American Heart Association held its annual ‘Heart Walk’, with around 300 people registered to take part.

One participant, Dylan Gallup, was born with a heart condition. He was born without a pulmonary valve.

As a child he underwent surgery and treatment. He is 16 now and living life normally.

He spoke at the event to represent for those living with a heart condition.

American Heart Association holds annual ‘Heart Walk’

“Without the American Heart Association, I probably wouldn’t be standing here. They’ve raised so much money and have done so much research for everybody throughout the United States, and they play a big role in saving peoples lives” said Gallup.

The American Heart Association has an event goal of raising $65,000, which will be used for research purposes and raising awareness.

“With heart disease and stroke disease being so prevalent, it’s just one more way for us to talk to our community members, our friends and families about what heart disease is, stroke disease and how we can try to find ways to prevent it” said Heart Walk Chair, Kelli Perigo.


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