Alzheimer’s Association offers tips for caregivers of patients with dementia during COVID-19 situation

JOPLIN/SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Alzheimer’s Association is providing tips for caregivers on how to best help people with dementia during the pandemic.

Look for any rapid increase in confusion. If that happens, contact your doctor.
Demonstrate the proper way to wash hands, that’s for at least 20 seconds and thoroughly.
Check with your pharmacist or doctor about getting prescriptions filled for a greater number of days to reduce trips to the pharmacy.
Think ahead and make plans in case any adult day care or other service is cancelled or changed.
And make sure you have plans, in case you get sick.

Alzheimer’s Association Care Consultant Kristen Hilty says “I would reemphasize planning, you can’t plan too far in advance right now, especially for your own illness, and what that would look like for you. And again, keep a calm, positive environment, that’s really what we all need to do right now is stay calm, stay positive, keep those you love close, and we’ll all get through this together.”

Hilty says it’s also important not to discuss with them what’s going on outside to keep them from becoming scared.