Alliance seeks seatbelts for safety campaign

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Alliance of Southwest Missouri is asking for seatbelts to help with an upcoming driving safety campaign.

MODOT is funding the project, providing $18,000 for marketing.

The idea is to target teen male drivers of pickup trucks after recent data shows they are less likely to buckle up. To do that, a series of billboards will appear in surrounding communities. One in particular requires a large sum of seatbelts.

The Alliance hopes this 3D message will get the attention of teens.

“They feel invincible. They’re young, they’re healthy. And, a lot of these kids, especially if they’re in rural areas, have been working on farms, or [operating] machines, or riding ATVs…I’m sure they do know cars better than some people in the cities, but that still doesn’t deter the fact that seatbelts save lives and are important to wear,” explained Kaylea Furgerson, Director of Communications for the Alliance of SWMO.

The goal is to collect 76 seatbelts, one for each local live saved by a seatbelt in the past year.

“We are in desperate need of seatbelts…So, if you have an old car, work at a salvage yard or, you know, just for some reason have seat belts lying around, we could really, really use them,” said Furgerson.

The Alliance needs all seatbelts by July 25.

You can drop off seatbelts at the Alliance building located at 1601 S. Wall Ave. in Joplin, or call 417-782-9899 and ask for Kaylea Furgerson.