Allen County animal rescue shelter faces closing due to lack of funding

Allen County animal rescue shelter faces closing due to lack of funding

At the front of the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility, also called ACARF, sits Mac, a a one-year bloodhound mix. He will soon be New Orleans-bound to live with his new family.

“We’ve adopted all over the country,” said Robyn Porter. “We’ve adopted out to texas, maine, colorado…”

Mac is one of more than 1,000 dogs saved and brought back to health by ACARF since its opening in 2010.

And this is not including all the cats.

“From this little bitty place with this very small crew,” said Porter.

But despite high adoption success, the no-kill facility may soon have to close its doors.

ACARF is run almost entirely by donations and it’s major source of funding is no longer available.

“We provide services to the animals of Allen County, but that’s not where our funding comes from,” said director Janice Porter.

“I think I figured out one time it’s a little over $6 per day per dog,” said Larry Macha, board director. “The city gives us $90 for every animals they bring out, which only lasts a couple of weeks.”

Those who work and adopt at ACARF say losing the facility could have negative effects on the community, as it offers various after school programs.

It also keeps the stray animal population under control.

“We have farmers who say they used to have packs of dogs running loose,” said Macha.

But for adopters Navada and Kendall Anderson, it’s the care and hope the facility offers that makes them strive to keep it open.

“They deserve to have food and shelter and somebody there every morning to say good morning and love on them a little bit,” said Kendell.

“We send all these animals out to good homes and we take them in,” said Navada.

ACARF says it will fight to continue to offer dogs and cats a place to get healthy and happy, all while finding a place to call home.

Just like Mac.

IF the shelter is unable to find new and committed funding, it’ll have to close its doors on December 31. Those interested in donating can find more information here.