Agreement reached for Bourbon County ambulance service

County signs agreement with Fort Scott Fire
Agreement reached for Bourbon County ambulance service
KOAM 2018

Officials in Bourbon County, Kansas have completed a plan for a county ambulance service.

The Bourbon County commission has signed an agreement with the Fort Scott Fire Department to take over ambulance services after Mercy’s contract ends on March 31-st.

The fire department will house the equipment and provide personnel — all of which currently work at the department — and the county will pay for and oversee the service.

Bourbon County commissioner Lynne Oharah says they wanted to get a plan in place for a seamless and mostly unnoticeable transition

Oharah:”We will not have misses in services, any interruptions in services what so ever. You will not see any changes in the service really, just the name on the ambulances will change because it will be called bourbon county ems.”

Fort Scott Fire Department Deputy Chief Dave Bruner says they had a similar goal throughout the process.

Bruner:”Our goal was just to work together, to continue with familiar faces. We won’t need to add any personnel, and all of our guys are already trained for levels of ems certification.. so the only changes will be the labels and the uniforms.”

County commissioners are currently looking at adding a new facility to house two ambulances — and a third will continue to be located at the fire department.

Finding a new ambulance service has been a priority for county commissioners since October, when Mercy announced the closure of the hospital in Fort Scott.

Oharah:”So it’s a joint venture between the city and the county and we had a very good process of negotiations with the city and mercy and our county. And it came to a real good agreement.”

When someone is picked up by an ambulance, they will be taken to the nearest Emergency Room, and on personal preference.

That gets a little more complex when it comes to emergencies in Fort Scott, because it depends on if county officials are able to open a new ER inside the city.. something commissioners are hopeful will happen.

The new service will start on April 1-st of next year, after Mercy’s ambulance service contract ends on March 31-st.