After Christmas Shoppers Hunt Discounts on Holiday Decorations and More

After Christmas Shoppers Hunt Discounts on Holiday Decorations and More
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It’s the day after Christmas and despite no gift giving urgency now, plenty of people are heading to stores for returns and sales.

Jason Morris of Carthage waited in a customer service line about ten or twelve people deep at Target and said that wasn’t too bad . “My son wanted a different game. Good try, nice try. Got it wrong this time.”

He and other savvy shoppers said returns can be a hassle free process. Morris suggested, “Bring the receipt. That’s the easiest way.”
Haley Hicks also of Carthage agreed, “Receipt definitely. Always have your receipt that way you can get your sale price back. Because sometimes things are even cheaper after Christmas. So, you might not have all the money you need back.”

Nancy Messick, shopping at Northpark Mall also advised, “Keep your receipts. Keep your receipts and have them identified. Make sure it’s your Christmas receipts. And they’re really kind, really kind. And you get even a better deal after Christmas.”

Messick hit other stores at the mall after making an exchange. And said she’s putting gift cards to use. “Some gifts you love them and you’re not gonna ever use them. And I’m not too much good at re-gifting for people. I like to pick out new for people so even our nieces and nephews gave us gift cards because we have home improvements to do and things. We enjoy it. You can get just what you want.”
For Messick and others like teen K ierra Stahl, who came shopping with her grandmother, it is guilt free shopping.
Stahl explained, “We did get Christmas money cause sometimes our family, they don’t know what to get us, so they just put money in a card and give it to us. Sometimes, I feel guilty shopping after Christmas but sometimes I don’t, cause that’s actually my Christmas gift.”

M issina Sharp, bought decorations and storage containers but said, “Most of my family gets me Target gift cards for Christmas so I can go to my shopping for myself.”

And even while he was in the returns line, Morris said his family went after Christmas shopping. “The kids, they don’t get to spend any of their money from parents or from grandparents or from aunts and uncles until after Christmas is over so that way they don’t buy something somebody may have already gotten them.”

But for some even a deep discount on holiday decorations, was still not quite guilt free spending.
“Yeah, we shouldn’t be here,” laughed Chelsey Crager of Pittsburg. When asked why she admitted, ” Um we’ve already spent too much money. ” Crager said it is hard to resist sales, “W hen you get fifty percent off its easy to put things away for next year.”

Stephanie Parrish of Joplin agreed it’s easy to buy too many sale items. “They’re really good. Some really cute stuff. We had to put some back cause we were filling up the cart.”
Many shoppers came for deals on lights, wrapping paper and tree trimming decorations. Something they say is a tradition.
Missina Sharp admitted, “I do it every year so. I can’t pass up a bargain.”

A Target store manager said pre-Christmas sales were brisk resulting in fewer holiday items on the shelves to move at clearance prices. But he expected all holiday items to sell even as staff were working to set up Valentine displays.