Adopt Kansas Kids: Meet Dawnyelle, Emily, Chloe, Julian and Rodrigo

KANSAS – Currently, about 500 Kansas children are in foster care waiting to be adopted. The children are of all ages, races and ethnicities, and from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The majority of waiting children are age 8 or older, part of a sibling group of three or more, or have special needs.

Following are profiles of a few of those children.

Anyone interested in becoming an adoptive parent may visit the Adopt Kansas Kids website at or email

Dawnyelle 1 9 20


Dawnyelle, 11, CH-6839

People who know her say Dawnyelle has a huge and loving heart and a beautiful and amazing spirit. She’s friendly and outgoing and enjoys swimming, singing and dancing. Dawnyelle also likes to experiment with makeup and fix her hair. She said she’d like to be a singer or dancer when she grows up. Another option would be to work for Saint Francis Ministries, she said, “because I will know how the kids feel.” Dawnyelle enjoys attending church services and youth group outings as well as singing in the church choir. She would do best in a patient, understanding family that could provide her with lots of guidance, support and love. Knowledge about parenting children who have experienced high levels of trauma and extensive loss would be most beneficial.  Dawnyelle also would like a family that would support visits with her siblings. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Emily R Profile 7 22 2020


Emily, 10, CH-7148

Building things with Legos, wood and recyclables is Emily’s passion! She loves art, crafts and making things of all sorts. Emily’s favorite class in school is art because, she said, “I feel crafty sometimes.” She said she works hard on her art projects and is proud of what she accomplishes. She also loves recess! Emily is a very friendly girl who “doesn’t know a stranger,” according to those who know her. Emily would like to be an artist, a furniture builder or an animal shelter worker when she grows up. Emily would like to join a family that has dogs (especially pugs!) and kittens, and she’d love to have sisters! She will need a family that can advocate for her educational needs and provide her with lots of love, guidance and support. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Chloe K 6 30 2020


Chloe, 15, CH-7289

Chloe is a very compassionate and observant teen who’s happiest when she’s involved in artistic pursuits or spending time with animals. She enjoys riding horses and caring for smaller animals. Chloe would love to join a family that has pets – including dogs and cats! Chloe also likes children and would like to work with young children when she grows up. Chloe needs a family that will support her and be a constant positive in her life. She would do well in a structured yet relaxed home with a family that would advocate for her needs and support her in reaching her goals. Chloe said she’d love to have a big sister, a sibling her age or younger siblings. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Julian, Rodrigo C 8 6 2020

Julian and Rodrigo

Julian, 14, CH-7722, and Rodrigo, 12, CH-7723

Julian and Rodrigo hope to be adopted together into a patient and understanding family that would offer them plenty of love as well as structure and consistency!

Julian said he’s good at sports, and he likes to play sports and video games. He also does well in school, and he’s proud that he works hard to keep up his grades. Julian would like to be an auto mechanic or a welder when he’s older.

Rodrigo said he likes to clean, play video games and help others. He said he cleans when he has nothing else to do! His favorite class in school is math, and he does very well in school. Rodrigo likes to be around his friends who make him laugh. He said he would like to be a rapper when he grows up.